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Suris 13 9

2014 - Our 10th Year Anniversary!

Hard to believe we have been raising alpacas for 10 years! Lots of changes have taken place over the year. We will be highlighting our years of caring and creating Hidden Hilltop Alpaca Ranch! Even changes in our family as our girls get older. Maggie is now a junior studying accounting and playing soccer at Ball State University in Indiana and Amy will graduate this spring from high school and plans to pursue a degree in engineering. Still deciding where to attend though she has her top three. Purdue, Arizona, Texas
With our kids growing and moving on, we had to look at our business and make decisions that would be best for the family and alpacas. Stay tuned to learn more about our changes and evolution during the past 10 years!

Our first babies, Geneva and Raquella!
Maggie and Miracle enjoying summertime!

Our barn on the hilltop!

Amy and the babies!

Welcome to our website!

"Don't get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life!"

That is our family motto and alpacas naturally fit into our lifestyle!

Read on and see if alpacas are in your future!

*Do you want to experience a gentle, curious, and easy to care for livestock?

*Do you want to raise a livestock your children or grandchildren will be safe around and enjoy their company?

*Do you want to experience the luxurious fiber via spinning, felting, or weaving and making your own exquisite alpaca garments?

*Do you want to be your own boss and experience operating your own business?

*Do you want an investment opportunity with tax incentives?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, please call or come visit us and see how alpacas can fit into your lifestyle!

As you research or if you have started your alpaca adventure, remember "Rome wasn't built in a day!" The exciting part of this business is not only watching your herd of alpacas grow but learning and evolving your own business niche and seeing your own success grow!
We can and will help you succeed!

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